Floreon (Treated PLA) – 2.85mm

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3D Fuel Advanced PLA filament (APLA) is the perfect material for your FDM/FFF 3D printing needs, because it is easy to use and outperforms conventional PLA and ABS in many areas. APLA filament is made from an improved PLA polymer specifically designed for 3D printing.

Compared to conventional PLA and ABS, APLA has improved heat deflection, stiffness, strength, adhesion properties, and 3D print quality. When using 3D Fuel APLA, you can expect: low odor, higher print detail/resolution, excellent first layer adhesion, improved adhesion between layers, reduced warping, curling and failed prints.

More Information

Excellent extrusion

Improved impact performance

Excellent inter-layer adhesion

High speed printing (up to 250% speed)

High quality gloss/matt finish (low print temp = matt)

Print at 190°C – 240°C

Minimal nozzle clogging

4x tougher than PLA

More flexible than PLA

Virtually odour free

Manufactured using less energy than conventional plastics



Net weight of filament     750g

Filament Length    90m

Material     Biodegradable Thermoplastic

Printing Temperature    190°C – 235°C

Bed Temperature     55°C

Temperatures are processing guidelines.

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